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Verified data is statically anchored in space and time. It has been secured by the power of time. You cannot manipulate it without breaking verification. Proof us wrong!

We make data verifiable by:

  • verifying the integrity of a Page-File, it's Content and it's Metadata by turning it into a Permissioned Blockchain
  • anchoring it uniquely in space by giving it a unique name for each Revision which is turned into a block of arbitrary size.
  • making the account verifiable by entangling your Ethereum-Wallet account with the Page-File and allow it to become an Identity through the entanglement of Identity-Claims
  • by entangling your Page-File in time by proofing it's existence through time-stamping to a witness network

Three Level Classification of Verified Data

Level of verification Description
Level 1 - Integrity is verifiable The data is integrity verified by including hashes of the content and metadata of the page file.
Level 2 - Integrity AND Account OR Time is verifiable In addition to integrity verification the page file has either account or time-stamps (against a witness-network) available which has been entangled with the page file.
Level 3 - Integrity AND Account AND Time is verifiable In addition to integrity verification the page file has account AND time-stamps (against a witness network) available.

Verification Data
Page-FilePage does not exist
ContentPage does not exist
MetadataPage does not exist
Permissioned BlockchainPage does not exist
RevisionPage does not exist
EntanglingPage does not exist
Ethereum-WalletPage does not exist
IdentityPage does not exist
Identity-ClaimsPage does not exist