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Dear Colleague,
We've been observing some periodic variations in the orbital pattern of Jupiter and would like to share with you our findings.

Date Deviation: Latitude Deviation: Longitude
13/09/21 +0.03 +0.02
17/09/21 +0.02 +0.04
22/09/21 0.00 +0.05
27/9/21 -0.01 +0.03
01/10/21 -0.05 +0.01
05/10/21 -0.04 -0.01

We think there may be another group racing to publish similar findings. We would love for you to be a part of Peer-to-Peer Reviewing this report, and to verify the date at which you saw this document.

Thank you for your help!

Kindest Regards,
Aqua Scientific

  • First, please verify the data and changes using the Data Accounting Extension once you have installed it.
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    • You can do this by clicking on Sign 🔑 on this page in your PKC, in the dropdown to the right of Edit
    • Follow the instructions in the MetaMask popup to sign the page with your web wallet.

  • Go to Domain Snapshot Generator in your PKC, and click on Generate Domain Snapshot.
    • This will generate an anonymous hash of the state of your database, verifying that our document Interactive Tutorial - New Observations on Jupiter was present there at this time.
  • Then, go to Domain Snapshot Publisher and click Publish next to the newly generated Domain Snapshot
    • Follow the steps on MetaMask in order to publish this Domain Snapshot hash to the Ethereum Blockchain, and prove immutably that you saw this document from us first.
    • Once you have published this to the blockchain, you can click the link to view it on Etherscan.
  • Finally, please go to Export Verified Page in your PKC, and use the dialogue there to export Interactive Tutorial - New Observations on Jupiter as an .xml file
    • This new file includes your signature, please email it to and we will add it to the Peer-to-Peer Review in progress.